Saturday, January 28, 2006

Internally Displaced Persons

UN Doc. E/CN.4/1998/53/Add.2. The Principles were developed after Dr. Deng had submitted a Compilation and Analysis of Legal Norms (Report of the Representative of the Secretary-General on Internally Displaced Persons, UN Doc. E/CN.4/1996/52/Add. 2) and Part II, Legal Aspects Relating to Protection Against Arbitrary Displacement (UN Doc. E/CN4/1998/53/Add.1). All these documents, together with Annotations of the Guiding Principles are reprinted in Walter Kälin, Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement РAnnotations, American Society of International Law, Studies in Transnational Legal Policy No. 32 (Washington D.C., 2000).

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Representative of the Secretary-General on the human rights of internally displaced persons