Wednesday, February 22, 2006

"Shaping our future: Library Services for Youth" by Miguel Viciedo Valdes

Shaping our future: Library Services for Youth by Miguel Viciedo Valdes appears in Information for Social Change.No. 22, Winter 2005/2006.

The study of readings tastes and preference of youth in Havana.
Achieve this research by conducting a taste and preference study every two years in the libraries of the public library system of the city of Havana, to be able to determine how user interests are changing and to enrich in a systematic and dynamic way the work strategies established in conformance with new options and criteria. This continuity of study will ensure that the librarian’s work with children, teens, and young adults remains fresh and vital.
Utilize the results of this study in the design of the Cultural Program of the City of Havana.

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