Friday, June 23, 2006

Bart Birdsall Continues to Fight Against Censorship and Is Honored by Library Journal

[Pictured Right: Ronda Storms: Anti Gay Pride County Commissioner for Hillsborough County, Florida]

On the anniversary of a controversial gay pride display, a group re-creates the presentation that was taken down.

It started a year ago in a public library.

An employee put up a gay pride display that drew the attention of the Hillsborough County Commission, which then decided that county government would never acknowledge, promote or participate in a gay pride event again.

The display came down.

So it seemed only fitting one year later to protest the commission’s actions by gathering at a public library.…

On Thursday, more than 30 supporters gathered in the room to hear readings from several books in the display. Two University of South Florida library science professors joined School Board candidate Bart Birdsall and six other gay rights advocates taking turns at the podium…

County Commissioner, Ronda Storms (photo upper right), led the ban on Gay Pride.

In 2006 Library Journal awarded Bart Birdsall its “Mover and Shaker Award.”

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