Thursday, July 27, 2006

LBGT Human Rights. Declaration of Montréal

An International Conference on LGBT Human Rights is taking place Wednesday 26 July to Saturday 29 July in Montreal’s impressive convention centre, the Palais des Congrès, located in the heart of the city Political figures from the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec will be present at the opening dinner and the closing lunch. The Mayor of Montreal, M. Gérald Tremblay, has already confirmed his participation.

Conference participants will also be offered five plenary sessions, featuring a number of internationally-renowned keynote speakers, and will be able to choose from at least 200 workshops (40 simultaneously during each of five workshop sessions), which will deal with the many aspects of the five Conference themes: Essential Rights, Global Issues, the Diverse LGBT Community, Participation in Society, and Creating Social Change. The Conference will also feature two "sub-conferences" (Workers Out! and Out for Business!), and a series of workshops (Out in Sport) and will refer to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

The Conference is expected to bring together 2000 people from around the world to discuss LGBT human rights.
Declaration of Montréal
At the close of the Conference, the Declaration of Montréal will be presented to the participants, who will have had a chance to comment on it before and during the Conference. The goal is to present this Declaration to the United Nations and to national governments, in order to mobilize unequivocal support for LGBT rights. This will be a legacy of the Conference, a legacy that will be enriched by the participation of many people from different backgrounds!

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