Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Librarians Discuss Naming IMLS Fellowships for Mrs. Bush .

Most of this discussion has now been pulled together at Library Juice.
Laura Bush appropriates title of IMLS grant for librarians

From Mark C. Rosenzweig ( to ALA Council List)

Yes, and as a SEPARATE PERSON she [Laura Bush] is a responsible moral agent.

She is free to determine whether she wants to be publicly (or , for that
matter, privately) associated with -- and help advance the interests of --
the political administration of a person, her husband, whose policies and
pronouncements show such contempt for our constitutional order, for
international law and for human rights and whose manner and mentality
exhibit such a lack of intellectual development, of reasoning, of civility
and of culture, and such arrogant disregard for the norms of
international political discourse that he has made his country at once the
most hated and most ridiculous in the world.

As a SEPARATE PERSON, Laura Bush could break from the
Administration,disassociate herself from it, refuse to serve in any official capacity
under its auspices and speak out against it.
Is conventional wifely "duty" stronger than the demands of moral autonomy
and responsibility? Apparently, for some here-- the same who keep yelling
that she is an individual in her own right -- it goes without saying that
it is.

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>partisan patron saint of libraries
>I will say yet once more. SHE IS A SEPARATE PERSON and she has done a
>lot for libraries.>Nancy Bolt & Associates
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>Mark Rosenzweig Sent: Wednesday, September 20, 2006 6:27 AM To: ALA
>International Relations Round Table Subject: [ALAWORLD:1844] Laura Bush:
>A fourth rate Eva Peron and partisan patron saint of libraries.>
>Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program??????????? >
>That's how the IMLS has renamed a long-standing grant program in
>sickening adoration of the President's wife -- and as an act of fealty to
>our illiterate President.>
>How about: "Seemingly Clueless Wife of International War Criminal 21st
>Century Librarian Program" ?>
>If you think the Bush family/Administration should enter posterity with
>its name attached, in an act of oblivious obsequiousness, to an ALREADY
>EXISTING grant program, formerly unnamed for anyone, connecting Bush et
>cie. with the promotion of -- of all things -- culture, then I suggest
>you read this final report of an international tribunal accusing the man
>Mrs. Bush shares her life with -- and owes her notoriety to-- of being
>gulity of war crimes and crimes against humanity...>
>Also, if you lost count... read this report of how many prisoners are in
>Bush's gulag. 14, 000 and still growing. Perhaps we should ask Laura
>Bush if she's read anything about this in her extensive readings and
>what she thinks of it .... >
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Laura Bush appropriates title of IMLS grant for librarians

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