Monday, October 15, 2007

Selma to Montgomery National Voting Rights Trail

Jena Six, Martin Anderson killed in the Florida Panhandle.

Libraries can be a public sphere that provide a public forum for the discussion of Human Rights.

Selma to Montgomery National Voting Rights Trail .

The 54-mile trail follows the historic voting rights march by beginning at the Brown Chapel A.M.E. Church in Selma, and crossing the Edmond Pettus Bridge. On March 7, 1965, as non-violent marchers crossed the bridge, they were tear- gassed, beaten, and their processional stopped by law enforcement officers. This display of violence, heaped upon non-violent protesters was captured by the news media and broadcasted worldwide. This event came to be known as “Bloody Sunday.” Outraged protesters from across the country joined the marchers for a subsequent five-day march that began in Selma on March 21, 1965, this time with state and federal law enforcement protection.

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