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GENOCIDE IN DARFUR-University of South Florida Libraries

University of South Florida libraries:
January 28th, Grace Allen Room: Rebecca Tinsley will share her on-the-ground experiences with genocide and injustice in Darfur, drawing lessons from Rwanda and Uganda.

Human rights advocate REBECCA TINSLEY is a director of Waging Peace, an organization that campaigns against genocide and systematic human rights abuses. Formerly with the BBC, as a journalist and author she has traveled in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur, writing for publications such as the New Statesman, Times, Independent, and Telegraph. Rebecca Tinsley has stood twice for parliament and was national chair of the Union of Liberal Students. She is on the Human Rights Watch London committee, is a trustee of the Carter Centre UK and the Bosnian Support Fund, and is a founder and director of the Rwanda Girls School. She holds a law degree from the London School of Economics.

Waging Peace puts a particular focus on Africa and on atrocities overlooked by the international community where minorities have been persecuted on racial or religious grounds. The organization’s current priority is Darfur, but Waging Peace works to secure the full implementation and enforcement of international human rights treaties wherever it is active, and produces regular, high-level and in-depth research reports which support the call for urgent, effective, and measurable action from the international community.

Rebecca Tinsley will speak at 4pm on January 28nd in the USF Tampa Library's Grace Allen Room (4th floor). Come early to view 'Lost Voices of Darfur,' an exhibition of Darfuri child refugee drawings in the USF Tampa Library.

This lecture is part of the USF Libraries Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center 2009 Lecture Series. On February 19th, Michael Sells (University of Chicago) will speak on relgion and genocide in Bosnia, and on March 2nd, Fabian Klose (University of Munich) will speak on aspects of human rights and colonial violence in Kenya and Algeria. All lectures take place in the Grace Allen Room.

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